Casey Jane Film Photography

Film photography is a dying art form, yes I did say art form. There is so much more that goes into taking a photograph on film. Film reacts differently to light than digital cameras, highlights are softer colours are more pleasing depending on the film you use.
Film photography pulls no punches, what you see is what you get. It is up to the photographer alone to create the art. There is that word again ART. Well we all know painters use paint and brushes, sculptors use clay. Film photographers use light, shadow and a thin flexible strip of plastic coated with light-sensitive emulsion for exposure in a camera.

When a film photographer notices a moment they wish to capture, they first have to evaluate the lighting, set the camera accordingly while having pin point focusing skills to nail the shot. Not to mention cropping, composition, expressions from the subject, making sure they are not out of film… gosh the list goes on.
These people are a true photographic talent. Did you know that film shooters reload a roll of film and simultaneously count out the shots they take to ensure they know just when to pause and reload the camera?
Why is it important to do this you ask? Well, when it comes to wedding photography if you are out of film at a crucial time it could be devastating to a client. You could miss vital moments of their wedding day.
The best film photographer on the gold coast has to be Casey Jane Photography from Mount Tamborine on the Gold Coast. She is a true master, this young talent and mum of two is just amazing. What this woman can do with and SLR and a roll of film is just incredible.
Casey Jane uses light as a tool, like modelling clay she moulds it into what she envisions. She sees light and how it is bouncing around the room, where the shadows fall and how the cures the face of her bride and in one click she has captured the most stunning image, perfectly lit and composed.

Casey Jane photography is known for her naturally romantic imagery delicately bathed in natural light. We should really call them photographs because each image that Casey takes is carefully developed by a world renowned lab in Spain, scanned as digital negative and also printed as a forever reminder of the precious day in which you said I do.
So why should you choose a film photographer to capture your wedding day? They are entirely enveloped in the art of photography, to them they are not only photographing the most important moments of your life they are concurrently creating art.

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