Best Way to Master Manual Mode 

You want to master manual mode? The most effective way to get out of auto and gain a new level of control over you camera is this..
Tape over your LCD screen! Yes that’s right tape that sucker up with black tape.  Until you are able to pull out your camera, survey a scene and accurately set your SLR to produce a correctly exposed image… Leave it on. (Use a tape that won’t get too much gunk on your screen of course)

You will soon learn to read light, rather than to dial in random settings and chimp until you get the exposure your after, readjusting after each shot.

It also means you can focus on what your shooting in real time as opposed to the screen on the back of the camera.

Be in the moment, read the light and choose the best location for that light to both flatter your subject and to create a lovely correctly exposed image.

Have fun and no peaking.

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